Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Orc Shaman

This one is all my you can tell by the typical style AND theme. lol.

sorry about the bad quality of the lighting was bad tonight.

i may redo in better conditions.

Some of my own CREATION!

Enough rip offs...i do have imagination of my own...
Well  - truthfully...the movie LEGEND may have had something to do with the demon!! lol.

Here are a few characters that i also owe to the train brain drain...

These bad boys are again, typical of my drawing style - too heavily influenced by my graphic design days i think - they are almost that bad?



Of course  - had to do two boys LOVE Star pf course Dad had to go and draw up some pics...took these ideas from screen capturs off the net...plan on framing and putting them in their rooms someday.

More of these to come...Darth Vader + Darth Maul in the works....Check Back!

SIN CITY tribute...

By the way...may not ave mentioned that i LOVE Frank Miller's artwork...

Ripped these illusrtations from some printouts of movie far as movies made from comics...SIN CITY was one of the better ones...very the stories...characters were great.

THE BEAST ... from The Ultimates...

I like to take my inspiration from a lot of different you can tell sci-fi fantasy is very much one of my favourite genres.

Here is an adapted illustration from a comic series i have that is outstanding...i love the illustration style that the artist used as well as the colours / of course i couldnt help myself and tried my hand.

I should post the original to show you all how great it is!!


like this trio a lot... typical of my style of illustrating... fun to do...i originally planned on taking each character and developing a full colour illustration for my hobby room.

another train brain drain....

HELLBOY tribute...

LOVE the illustration style from the HELLBOY comics...dark, bold, just enough detail and of course rich colours!

These don't do justice to the originals BUT it was fun to do! It helped pass the time while i was on the commuter train home from work!

Here we go...

for better or worse i am going to post my last years worth of doodles and attempts at no particular order or importance.

Starting off with a LONG time favourite ... BATMAN...

i have others...i may dig them up and post later!

going to post my artwork soon!

big step for me...i have just got back into drawing again after 14yrs witout any practice to keep my skill level high!

i hope this experiment keeps me motivated to approach my art with more enthusiasm!

stay tuned!